Craigslist Tip For Reducing Spam Emails

Craigslist Tip For Reducing Spam Emails

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a Craigslist email asking “is this still available“. Usually, when a seller replies “yes”, the response is a poorly disguised phishing email trying to obtain personal information and/or offering more money to remove the listing and consider it sold.

Recently, I stopped putting a value into the “Price” section when creating my listing. Instead, I include my asking price inside the description.

This has cut down TREMENDOUSLY on phishing emails!

Perhaps spammers have a program created based on the “Price” value that alerts them when a big ticket item is listed so they can attempt their scam? I am assuming they are too lazy to open the listing to see how much the seller is asking. This has worked for me, so I wanted to pass the tidbit along.

Below are additional Craigslist scams I have shared. Familiarize yourself with these scams and do NOT fall for them.

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