Apple iPad Emails Receivied By Craigslist Sellers

I received the following message twice in response to a Craigslist ad I have listed.

Hiya <my email address>! Are you a real person? I hope so because you have been selected as a tester for iPad 2 in whatever color of your choice! You are most likely wondering if this is a scheme and the answer is NO! However, in exchange, I would value beneficial criticism from you after using it for a while. Go ahead and enter your email below within 24 hours to verify you are real or you will be automatically disqualified. Please do not pass the link to anyone else as I only have 1 more iPad 2 left. Appreciate it!

whitephone .org

-Sent via my iPad 2

The email addresses these came from are:  Kleyman Chiang <> & Slusarski Sirk <>

The subject line of the email was my exact Craigslist listing. If you receive a similar message, do not click on the links provided. These scammers are phishing for your personal information.

Here are additional Craigslist scams I have shared. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these and don’t fall for them.

Also, check out my tips for being safe on Craigslist!


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