Craigslist Scam Exposed: Using Religion To Trick Sellers

Recently I received this message from mattlock004 <>:


I would like to know if you still have this antique available for sale.

Do get back to me on my email.


Red flags went up immediately, especially after reading the last line. I responded with “yes it is available”. I never sign with my name despite that the prospective buyer (aka scammer) used his.

I checked email the next morning and received the following. It was the same guy, but he used a new email address and a full fake name (I am guessing to try to make me more comfortable). This time it was from matt locker <>.


I appreciate your response to my inquiry, and I want to let you know that I would go on to purchase the antique.

Do provide me with the information below for payment via cashier’s check.

Name ( as it should appear on the payment)

Address:( no P.O.Box)




Phone number:
I will include some money on the check to cover the moving expenses of the item, I have a private mover who will be picking up the item for me so you will have the remaining money on the check (after it clears your bank) sent to him and after this he will come down to your place to pick up the item for me.

I hope you get this clear.

Thanks and GOD bless you.


As I have cautioned before, always do cash transactions on Craigslist. Never give a prospective buyer this type of information. He is trying to make you comfortable by saying the movers will come once the cashier’s check clears your bank.

No check will be sent to you, this person is phishing for your personal information! What makes me even more mad is the phrase “God Bless You”. He is hoping to persuade someone that he is trustworthy by using religion! Makes me sick.

Here are additional Craigslist scams I have shared. Familiarize yourself with these and do NOT fall for them.

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