A Positive Spin

Instead of sitting here complaining about having a fussy child today, I am going to put a positive spin on it.

  1. When nap times comes, I appreciate the silence. I use the “me” time wisely to post merchandise in my eBay store, workout and/or blog.
  2. My workouts are much more intense because I must relieve stress! In the words of Jillian Michaels on one of my dvds, I completely “feel the burn”!
  3. I appreciate wine so much more! My husband can always gauge how challenging my day was by the addition of wine at dinner!
  4. Days like this reconfirm my choice of being the “one and done” club President!
  5. At least I have adult conversation, even though it is with myself! Yes, I am guilty of talking sarcastically to myself when my child is driving me nuts!
  6. I am getting back in touch with my spiritual side. I find myself having more conversations with God (e.g. “Dear God give me the strength and patience to get through this toddler phase”…of course that is the censored version for this post).
  7. Days like this make me want to contact the writer at Merriam-Webster and let him/her borrow my child for the day. Afterwards, I am certain he or she will update the ridiculous definition of toddler!
  8. Perhaps wineries and/or breweries will have pity and send free beverages for review. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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4 Thoughts to “A Positive Spin”

  1. Marie Byrd

    Man O Man I feel ya. I thought Izzie was getting out of this phase, but I must say as we get closer to the big “3”, it seems the frequency is dying but the intensity is increasing. She sometimes scares me with her tantrums to the point that I question whether I need to call the pediatrician!!! Not joking either. She gets to screaming and kicking and thrashing that I swear I start thinking something is wrong internally for her to melt down like that!!

    Well not that it helps but it doesnt last forever, Autumn is proof of that…..well maybe she is the lesser of two evils…she has teenager mouth!

  2. Denise

    Love #4 and I agree with all of them!!!

  3. Love your positive spin. Now I’ve got to read that definition.

  4. I love this post! So true! You HAVE to find the positive (and the funny) about every day…otherwise we would all go nutso!

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