Picture 1I find it strange that whenever I mention my son will be an only child, people give me the dirtiest looks and lecture me as to why he should have a little brother or sister. Why do people insist they know what is best for my family? My husband and I decided years ago that we only wanted one child and we were married almost 10 years before our son came along.

Also, why is an only child stereotyped as being a spoiled brat, bossy, selfish, lonely, etc.? I can tell you I know plenty of children with siblings that also fit those descriptions!

My philosophy is this, if God wanted me to have more than one child then He would have blessed me with twins. I am perfectly content with my little boy, he’s such a blessing! I honestly couldn’t imagine trying to take care of another baby, this little guy requires all of my attention. But, before people start emailing me that I will adjust…that is not the reason I do not want another child.

My husband and I have a very active lifestyle and find it rather easy to maintain with one child. We are enjoying introducing our little guy to the things we love to do, especially traveling. We do not want him to be spoiled rotten, but we do want him to have a fascinating life! Also, education is EXPENSIVE! I am still paying student loans and the sad truth is, college tuition increases yearly (I cannot even imagine what it will be in 17 years)!

Are you part of the “one and done” club? If you are an only child, has it been tough growing up without any siblings?

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