Reward Yourself And Celebrate Healthy Victories #Medifast Week 12

Reward Yourself And Celebrate Healthy Victories #Medifast Week 12

When I started this journey, I chatted with my Medifast blogging friend Jocelyn about creating mini-goals (jump over to her blog and show some love). Basically, I wanted to reward myself with non-food related items (hair cut, pedicure, massage, new shoes, etc.) when I lost 10, 20 and then my ultimate goal weight of 30 pounds. But honestly, I hit the 10 pound loss fairly quickly then I saw the 20 lb loss and neglected to celebrate.

If you’ve been following along, you know this third month has been a struggle. I have not stayed 100% on plan due to my son’s insane hockey travel schedule. I also have not beat myself up over it. Last week, I discussed how I was trying to find a balance (for a reminder, click here). As soon as I published that post, I literally went out and ran 5 miles at my fastest pace for 2015!

While I didn’t think I was getting in as much exercise this month, my March statistics proved otherwise. For the month of March, I logged 48 miles in 6.12 hours which equaled 6,450 total calories burnt! That right there, is fabulous and worth celebrating!

At the end of the day, I am healthier and stronger…and THAT makes me happy! The scale does NOT tell the entire story. For week 12, I lost a pound. I also melted off an additional 2.25 inches of fat during month 3!

Month 1: down 13.6 lbs

Month 2: down 6.2 lbs

Month 3: down 3 lbs, lost 2.25 inches

Total weight loss to date: 21.8 lbs

Total inches lost to date: 21.25 inches

Last night, I hit the salon for some much needed pampering! I should have done this a month ago. Reward yourself along the way and celebrate healthy victories! A new style was just what I needed.


What have you done for yourself lately? Ready to get healthy? Check this out!


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