#ebay Feedback Extortion

2012ebaylogoI don’t know what is going on with eBay lately, but I have dealt with my share of unethical buyers! Below is the latest nasty message I received from a buyer threatening feedback extortion. She purchased a belt in February and over a month later, sent a return request without any explanations. I do not take returns which is outlined on my store page as well as each item I have listed. I encourage potential buyers to view the actual measurements provided to determine whether an item will work.

“Why can’t I return this, it was a gift and it doesn’t fit. I deserve a response, unless you don’t want me to give you a very negative feedback.”


This message was sent via the eBay messaging system and I reported it immediately! I don’t know why some customers feel it is ok to threaten sellers to take a return (or worse, lie and say the item is “not as described” to get past a no return policy).

The outcome of this could have been entirely different had she sent a message inquiring about a return versus opening a return request and threatening me.

Another recent issue I encountered was from a buyer who had a military address (APO). She sent nasty messages (via ebay messaging) saying her item was taking forever to arrive and she was furious. She called me a liar because my auction stated expedited shipping within the United States. Again, this person KNEW having a APO address means she would receive United States postage prices; however, depending on location the delivery timeline varies. The item WAS shipped to another country and had to clear customs. She did receive the item about a month after our transaction was complete, yet still continued to harass me about the shipping timeframe. When I inquired about the actual country she was located in due to her APO address, she finally stopped harassing me.

To all my wonderful customers, thanks for being honest and fair! Kindness goes a long way with me and I appreciate each and every single pleasant interaction.

Tell me about some of your ebay encounters!


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