Finding A Balance #Medifast Week 11

Finding A Balance #Medifast Week 11

My week 10 update shared that I’ve have been on the go A LOT! To be honest, that is an understatement. My son’s travel hockey program has me driving all over the state, so I’m trying to find some sort of balance. I’ve watched my running miles decrease as my car mileage adds up. Running clears my mind and I need to get back into my regular exercise routine, I miss it!

With that said, I slipped with the Medifast 4 & 2 plan this past week. I switched to this plan due to the amount of exercise I was getting (and this past week I only ran 5 miles). I made some off-plan choices this weekend so I wasn’t surprised that my scale didn’t move in the right direction.

This week, I am focusing on running and staying on plan. As soon as this is published, I am going to add some Wild Strawberry Medifast Energy drops to my water and hit the track. These little drops enhance my water AND energy level! The drops come in three refreshing flavors: lemonade, pineapple mango, and wild strawberry and are packed with vitamins! They are free of artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners. Each has four energizing B vitamins – B5, B6, B12, and B9.

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Wild Strawberry Medifast Energy Drops
Wild Strawberry Medifast Energy Drops

So here are my numbers. As I’ve mentioned previously, I am thrilled to have a healthy BMI again. I love pulling out clothes from previous summers and fitting comfortably in them (don’t hate me, I live in Florida and we’ve been in shorts and flip flops for months now)! I feel great. I am happy with my progress, but need to stay focused to lose these final 9.2 lbs.

Month 1: down 13.6 lbs

Month 2: down 6.2 lbs

Week 9: no change

Week 10: down 2 lbs

Week 11: up 1 lb

Total loss to date: 20.8 lbs

Total inches lost in 2 months: 19 inches


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