Florida Hot Weather Halloween DIY Ideas OR Costume Thoughts

Florida Hot Weather Halloween DIY Ideas OR Costume Thoughts

I know it’s only the beginning of September BUT, we are heading to the Magic Kingdom this weekend for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP). It still feels like summer here in Central Florida so I am at a loss when it comes to costume ideas. For the past four years, my son has wore full costumes to MNSSHP and he’s simply miserable from the humidity. This year, I want him to be comfortable and not worry about losing or ruining part of his costume while having fun.

I need HELP! Any suggestions for a DIY Florida costume (preferably wearing sneakers and shorts)?!?! I checked Dollar Tree and could buy a few accessories to make a simple costume (cowboy, ninja, safari guide), but he didn’t seem thrilled at all.

Walmart actually has costumes for under $5, but the boy choices have a LOT of material.


Thoughts? PLEASE leave comments with your ideas.

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