We visited family over the Christmas holiday and I took a little break from my blog and eBay. I also left my son in the care of others – for the FIRST TIME since becoming a stay at home mom. I wasn’t nervous one bit, there’s something about having my own mother take care of my child that brought me comfort. My husband and I snuck out while he was playing cars in another room. I felt like jumping up and down and screaming once we were outside, but refrained.

We only left him for a few hours but we he did great. I did call once to check in and could tell all was calm. We probably would have left him a lot longer if the weather wasn’t so brutal, it was just too miserable to be out and about.

I was nervous that he’d throw a monster tantrum, but he was quite the little angel. Asked for “mama” and “dada” once and my parents told him we went to the store and would be back soon. His little brain probably registered “I am free”!!

My mom is pretty laid back like me, she knows from experience that kids don’t always like to play with toys. Sometimes exploring kitchen cabinets and pretending to cook is much more fun. Check out the photo, he cleared out one of her cabinets and enjoyed every second of it!

Now, if only I didn’t live 1000 miles away from my parents, we would do it again!

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