Focusing On A New Year

I have never been a fan of making a resolution because I do not like to set myself up for failure. I know making a resolution works for many people, but not me. This year I am taking a new approach, I am making a list of what I am going to focus on. I am hoping this will help me make changes and feel as though I have succeeded.

  • Make “me” time. This focus may change daily, it could vary from working out, taking a walk, reading a book, meditating, having dinner with friends, etc. Too many times I put myself on the back burner and I must stop that.
  • Be healthier. This is so important because not only do I need to be healthy for myself, but also for my family. I am going to eat better, exercise regularly, get adequate sleep, eliminate stress, relax more, have regular check-ups, etc.
  • Get Out More. I must stop thinking that because my kid is in the toddler stage, we shouldn’t go out to restaurants or travel to fun places like we did pre-baby. Instead, I want to expose my son to more culture. We always go to Disney (parks, restaurants, etc.) since it is so kid friendly. This year, I’d like to venture out more. We have been taking our vacations to visit family since it seems like the comfortable choice, but it’s time to step outside of our comfort zone a bit.
  • Have Realistic Expectations. This is a big one for me. I need to stop thinking I should workout every single day or that my house should always be spotless. I am a busy stay at home mom. My son’s well being is my number one priority and when he is napping, I focus on my blog, eBay business, household chores, meal planning, etc. I need to realize I am not super woman and stop disappointing myself. I need to adapt my schedule and include him in my tasks.
  • Don’t Forget Who I Am: I also have an identity outside of being a mom and I need to remember who that person is. It’s not that I do not LOVE being a mom because I really do, but I cannot lose sight of being a loving wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

What are you focusing on this year?

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