I have posted in the past how much I hate spam, but recently have had enough! Do you confront spammers that continue to post unrelated items on your facebook page and/or send you nonstop messages on twitter/email? I usually just mark as spam and continue about my day. Now, if the spammer is persistent and posts items on a regular basis, I usually send a very professional message asking them to stop since it is completely unrelated. That happened recently on my facebook page, a female (I’d say lady, but that she is not…and I’d love to use her name but I am above that) responded with the rudest message telling me my site was a waste of time anyway.

Obviously, she didn’t feel that way as she spammed my site daily with her messages that no one paid attention to because I quickly marked them as spam and deleted them. She has since been reported to facebook for harassment and banned from my page. So frustrating!

I was just curious, how do you handle these types of people?

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