Christmas Gifts For A Dad

Dad StockingAre you stuck wondering what dad would like for the holidays? I already provided a list of appropriate gifts for a mom, so here is a guide to assist with dads. Since buying for a dad (husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather, uncle, etc.) can be tough, I polled my guy friends who have children ranging from babies up to teenagers. Many did mention that while the basics (socks, pajamas, slippers, ties, boxers) are nice, they are not always desired. Here is a list of Christmas gifts that any dad would want!

  1. Electronic Gadgets: Men love electronics and technology. How many of your husbands begin drooling when the Apple store is within close proximity? Does dad read a lot, if so you may want to consider an electric reader (Kindle, Nook, iPad, etc.). If you have no clue what he wants or are confused about what generation to purchase, a gift certificate will make him happy!
  2. Hobby Related Items: If dad is into a hobby (e.g. wine, photography, flying, watching movies, hunting, running, etc.) then stuff associated with his hobby is always welcome.
  3. Round of Golf: Is dad into golf? Has it been awhile since he played 18 holes? Surprise him with a round of golf or lessons so he can perfect his swing. This is a fun way for him to unwind! The driving range is a terrific place for him to let off some steam.
  4. Book Store Getaway: Men love to escape inside a book store and browse titles while soaking in the peace and quiet. Any dad would welcome a book store gift card so he can escape from the day-to-day stress of being a working dad – whether he works inside an office complex, on a construction site, or from your sometimes chaotic home with little people running around.
  5. Designer Duds: It’s difficult to purchase clothing for a mom because sizes vary by designer; however, men sizes are much more standardized. If he has his eye on a leather jacket, then splurge on it! Does he prefer a specific designer or brand? Perhaps he’d flip over a new shirt or wallet? If you cannot decide, then go with a gift card so he can pick the clothing out himself.
  6. Event Tickets: Many dads would welcome tickets to a sporting event (NBA, NFL, MBA or NASCAR) or concert. Surprise him with tickets and let him have some fun!
  7. Gift certificates/cards: If you are really stumped, then go with a gift card. In addition to the ones I already discussed, some additional ideas are for restaurants, iTunes and/or coffee shops.
  8. Personalized Items: Does dad have his own business, website or blog? Why not stroke his ego and purchase some personalized one-of-a-kind merchandise with his company name and/or logo on it? You can create some cool customized items at Zazzle and CafePress. Both produce beautiful, customized merchandise.

Another really cool idea is for dad to pick out gifts for the kids that require him to play/help with. An example mentioned was a programmable robot kit (you program it on the computer, download the program into the robot’s processor and watch it go). Sounds like fun for dad and the kids! The contributor said “never underestimate the joy a dad can get from playing with the kids toys”.

What did I miss? Please feel free to leave comments of items you’d love to see underneath your tree or in your stocking this year. Merry Christmas!

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