Christmas Gifts For A Mom

Yesterday, I saw this great blog about the Top 10 Things Not To Get A Mom For Christmas so it inspired me to provide a list of appropriate mom gifts.

Before I reveal the list, I wanted to first remind everyone how important a mom is! Throughout this blog, the term “mom” may refer to:

  • Your mom – that special lady who provided for you throughout the years and is always there when you need her…remember all the sacrifices she made to provide for YOU!
  • Your wife – your better half who has been there for you through thick and thin…you know the one you probably take for granted without even realizing it. Yes, the same one that probably receives your attitude from a bad day at the office.
  • The mother of your child(ren) – for this particular blog, I’m referring to your wife. She gives without asking for anything in return, and wouldn’t think twice about jumping in front of a bus to save her child.

I polled some of my mom friends and here is a list of the recurring items.

  1. Spa Day: Nothing sounds more lovely than a day of pampering. A spa gift certificate will allow mom to unwind and escape from the normal chaos she experiences every single day. Did I mention she will NOT hear screaming kids at a spa?!?!
  2. Gift certificate: If you really have no clue what she’ll like, get her a gift certificate to her favorite store (or a store she has been admiring but won’t splurge at). It’s not impractical, it’s thoughtful! This will allow mom to get exactly what she wants. Also, you don’t want to give the wrong size because it can be insulting. Avoid the, “no honey, I am no longer a size 4 but thank you for reminding me that I need to lose weight” comments.
  3. Pampering and Relaxation Items: My personal favorite brand is Aveda. They have some wonderful holiday kits if you do not know what mom would like. Their comforting tea is also a delicious choice. Let mom transform the bathroom into a spa retreat!
  4. Electronic Gadgets for Techie Moms: If mom is into technology, splurge on an electronic book reader (Nook, Kindle, iPad, etc.), a new iPhone, iPod, etc. Gadgets are NOT just something men love!
  5. Boots: Moms are stylish and we all love boots! If mom didn’t put enough hints in your ear about the tall leather knee boots or the designer ones she cannot live without, then here is a friendly reminder! Again, gift certificates are welcome so she can select the perfect pair!
  6. Weekend Getaway: Surprise mom with tickets for a weekend getaway! This will definitely make her smile.
  7. Jewelery: Moms love jewelery, so pick her out something lovely. Tiffany & Co. is always a nice choice, who wouldn’t be excited to receive a classic blue box! If she has a charm bracelet, charms are also a fun gift.
  8. Godiva: Yes, moms love chocolate so if we are going to indulge, please give us the best!

What did I miss? Please feel free to leave comments of items you’d love to see underneath your tree or in your stocking this year.

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