Stroller Etiquette

When is the last time a stranger held a door open for you in public? Have you ever sat back and watched how rude people are to each other? I am a frequent shopper at our local outlet malls for my eBay merchandise. Anyway, I see a lot of things that make me scratch my head. I am floored how people do not even say excuse me when they cut you off or run you over. The worst thing is how people hurry to get through a door and then let it close when they see a baby stroller coming towards them.

The other day, my son fell asleep in his stroller as we shopped. I took my time because I didn’t want to wake him from his nap (which ended up being 90 minutes long)! Anyway, only one person held a door open for me in 90 minutes. ONE PERSON! Do you know that three people actually cut through doors as I opened them and tried to maneuver my stroller inside? I am just embarrassed how people treat each other! What ever happened to the golden rule?

Next time you are in public, pay attention to how people respond to strollers. Also, notice how tough it can be for one person to open a door and then try to hold it open as he or she pushes a stroller inside. An act of kindness like holding a door open means a lot!

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