My newest tv obsession is the show “American Pickers” on the History channel. Two guys rummage through junk piles, abandoned barns, and neglected garages and buildings for hidden treasures. They make deals with the junk owners and then resell the merchandise for a profit. It is so comical to watch these guys get excited over the items they find.

Anyway, the reason for my blog is because I started thinking about the concept “picker” and determined that I am indeed an eBay picker. According to, “pickers need a fabulous eye, especially when evaluating potential purchases”. Over the years, I have developed an eye for the merchandise I select and sell on eBay. At one time, I used to walk into Coach or Burberry and just purchase an item because it was on sale and seemed like a good deal. Granted, I would typically make $20 – $50 per item after auction fees, but now I make sure if I purchase an item it is going to bring in a substantial profit margin and be worth my time and energy. Now, I wait for coupons and I conduct research via eBay completed listings to determine which items will bring in the most profit prior to purchasing.

I recently hit it big at the Polo Ralph Lauren outlets. Just this weekend, I found black label merchandise for under $10 per item! Some of the merchandise is still being sold on the Ralph Lauren website for over $300 per item! Also, I purchased Double RRL nuggets. Since there are only a handful of Double RRL stores in the world, I feel fortune to have found rare merchandise. Each item is hand crafted and unique! I am going to name my price in my newly created eBay store and let the money roll in! It is exciting being a picker!

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