Moving With A Toddler

Moving is exhausting under any circumstance, but add a toddler into the mix and it is just pure chaos! Then, once you make it past the physical aspects and all your belongings are in your new place the adjustment period begins for everyone involved. Living out of boxes until everything is unpacked, making your furniture fit into an entirely different space, dealing with service technicians who forget to bring equipment then have to reschedule, and just simply adjusting to new noises is all a bit much.

Yesterday, my son kept refusing to nap despite how tired he was. I remained persistent and finally at 4 pm he gave in (5 hours past his usual time). I guess I’ll have to do the same with potty training, he was an all star prior to the move then he totally went on lock down. There is too much new stuff to explore and siting still on his potty is not at the top of his agenda. I should have waited until we were settled before starting the potty training process. Lesson learned!

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