Things I Said I’d Never Do As A Parent

Before having a child of my own, I used to see parents doing things with their little ones and I’d laugh at them. I thought, I’d never do that as a parent. Well, guess what…reality hit and I do some of those exact things! Here are a few that came to mind.

  1. Riding on amusement park rides that are entirely too small just to hear my son squeal in delight. Yes, I do believe I saw a couple without children pointing and laughing at me!
  2. Staying with the theme of #1, riding boat rides with annoying songs that continue to play over and over in my head, even after the ride is over (e.g. It’s A Small World).
  3. Paying entirely too much money to see oversized fictional characters live on stage.
  4. Changing diapers in the back of my SUV because most public restroom diaper changers are just plain disgusting.
  5. Recycling a diaper. Enough said, if you want to read more then check out my previous blog on the topic.
  6. Dressing in similar clothing (or color coordinating outfits with my kid). Well, I have never dressed in an outfit to match my son but I am guilty of buying my son and husband similar Paul Frank Julius monkey shirts!
  7. Spit cleaning my son’s face if we do not have access to water or a baby wipe.
  8. Grooving to children’s tunes while driving. Remember, it’s only embarrassing if the driver sitting beside you at a stop light can hear it!

One thing I have realized since becoming a mom is that I will do whatever it takes to see a smile on my son’s face, even if it means making myself look silly. In a way, I have reverted back to my childhood and am living it all over again!

What have you bent the rules on since becoming a parent?

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