Greedy-225x300Earlier this week I went out for a much needed happy hour with a friend. I swear it was therapy (not the Coronas either, mainly the conversation and escape from toddler tantrums)!

I left my husband on “daddy duty” so he was on his own for bath time and putting our little guy to bed. This was the first time in my son’s 18 months of life that I missed his night time routine, but I desperately needed some “me” time. Well, my husband passed the test! I called to check in once and heard my son giggling in the background, so I knew he was alive and well. They both sounded like they were having a great time, so I knew I had nothing to worry about.

Since everything went so smoothly that night, I decided to make an appointment for a much needed hair cut. I usually go to Salon Salon in Lake Buena Vista but last night, opted for their newest location beside of Whole Foods. Trust me when I tell you I was transformed to another world. First, my stylist Cindy V. gave me a back and neck massage then I was escorted to the “Hair Spa”. All I can say is wow! The room was dark and cozy, with the scent of Aveda everywhere! A lady came in to shampoo my hair and all of the sudden I felt my chair starting to move. Next thing I know, I am lying flat thanks to the automatic reclining chair (it also had built in back massagers). God I love technology!

Between my scalp being rubbed and the massagers going up and down my back, I temporarily forgot that I am a SAHM who chases around an expressive toddler all day long. I almost fell asleep, I was so relaxed. Then, Cindy transformed my messy hair into a beautiful masterpiece (she is awesome, make an appointment and tell her “The Unemployed Mom” sent you)!

Afterwards, I went to Whole Foods to do some shopping toddler-free. I was exhausted from the relaxation I received at Salon Salon, but managed to get through it and spend a small fortune on a few bags of groceries. I arrived home around 10 pm, checked in on my sleeping angel then had a glass of wine!

I am already starting to plan my next outing so I can leave my husband on daddy duty again!

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