906580351603In a previous blog, I talked about my frustrations with the one sided love affair between my golden retriever and toddler. Well, today she just got another strike and it had nothing to do with my son.

I walked into my bedroom and noticed a “spot” on my carpet. I thought perhaps my son had spit up his graham cracker or something, but to my disbelief it turned out to be a skid mark. How do I know? Well, of course I STUCK MY FINGER IN IT and then SMELLED it.

This ranks up there on the grossness chart. Lesson learned, I will NEVER do that again. The next time I notice something on the carpet I will not question it, instead I’ll just clean it! That’s what I get for being so analytical!

Oh boy, just another day in the life of a SAHM! I can only imagine what tomorrow will bring.

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