A Moment Of Weakness

Reese's PumpkinI did so well, resisted buying or eating candy during Halloween. But for some reason, I had a moment of weakness the other night while shopping at Publix. I walked around the corner and there was a huge 50% off Halloween candy display and my heart started racing when I spotted the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. They are my absolute favorite candy and I kid you not, the packages were taunting me! Actually, they were Reese’s Pumpkins which are even better since they are thicker and have MORE peanut butter (obviously, more fat and calories too)!

I quickly snatched a package off the table and placed it in my cart. Then, this wave of guilt came over me. I stood there feeling shameful thinking how hard I have been working at being healthier with diet and exercise.

NMTZI became strong and put the package back. Yes, you read correctly…as my mouth watered, I put the Reese’s Pumpkins back on the clearance table. I knew that I’d eat every single one of those peanut butter cups and would feel gross afterwards. Then, the next day I’d kill myself working out with Jillian Michaels’ to try to burn off all the extra calories and fat I consumed.

I stood there and contemplated my decision and then became weak again. This time, after studying the nutrition labels I selected the bag of Halloween Hershey Kisses. I felt certain I could be disciplined enough to only have one or two at a time (a serving size is 9 kisses).

I am still dreaming about those darn Reese’s Pumpkins and if they are still on clearance when I return to Publix, then I know it was meant to be and they are coming home with me!

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