Loyalty and Layoffs

After September 11, 2001, the company I was employed at went through several phases of layoffs. I worked for a senior executive which unfortunately, made me the keeper of the cut list. One of my coworkers and good friends was on that list and I became very sad. I really cared about this person and instinctively, went to my manager and asked for my name to be added and my coworker saved. My boss thought I was a complete nutcase and informed me there were no plans for my position to be eliminated; however, in my heart I felt this was the right thing to do. I finally convinced my boss to make the switch and my friend was saved (and never knew about the situation).

Recently, after 6 years of loyal employment (including several years of working for one of the top executives) my position was eliminated. I think what hurt me the most was the fact some people that I considered my friends never even gave me a warning. While I was not a moron and knew that there was a chance I was not safe, I still thought true friends would be loyal. I accepted my fate professionally and have not spoken to those so called “friends” since the layoff occurred. I also find it amusing when I think back to the President of that company looking me in my eyes and telling me I was not losing my job. Like I mentioned in a previous post, hearing you are safe is only valid on the day you are told (tomorrow is another day).

Am I over reacting because I feel betrayed? I know for a fact if the tables were turned, I would have somehow given my friend a heads up even if I didn’t spell it out just because I wouldn’t want them to be taken off guard.

Have you been in a similar situation? If you knew your friend was going to lose his or her job, would you give them warning? Where would your loyalties lie? I’m curious to hear your opinions on this one!

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