Cost Plus World Market

Cost Plus World MarketDo you have a Cost Plus World Market in your area? If so, please note they do not keep the same food merchandise in their inventory. If you find a pantry essential, my advice is to stock up! Unfortunately, this has been my favorite place to purchase ethnic foods but my feelings are changing.

I found an amazing pasta sauce from Italy that I used for flat bread pizzas. The flavors were incredible and my husband and I fell in love with the sauce. One day, World Market was completely out of it. A worker helped me check boxes stacked on top of shelves but we were unable to locate any hidden sauce. He told me to check back in a few days because they receive merchandise several times per week. It has now been at least four years and they have never carried the sauce again.

Recently, I discovered the absolute best red and yellow curries; however, World Market stopped carrying them! I wrote to the curry manufacturer at least a month ago and have received no response whatsoever. Every single time I find something that I cannot live without, World Market changes their merchandise! This is so frustrating to me. I asked a clerk recently why the food inventory is constantly changing and she said it has something to do with the buyer and what that person feels is the best merchandise for the store. Well, what about my feelings?!?!

Recently, I discovered they carried Route 11 Potato Chips. Being from Virginia, these chips are very near and dear to my heart. Upon entering World Market yesterday, I frantically searched for the chips and they no longer carry them! You can imagine my disappointment. Yet another let down from what used to be one of my favorite stores to browse.

Has Cost Plus World Market ever stopped carrying one of your favorites? I don’t know what my husband would do if they stopped carrying Haribo Roulettes gummies!

Thanks for stopping by The Unemployed Mom. I feel better now that I have vented!

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