Venting About Layoffs

These belong to the company, not you!Layoffs continue in Central Florida and again, they are way too close for comfort. As mentioned in my previous post, Coping Emotionally and Financially After Being Laid Off, the entire ordeal is draining! Even if you’re not the one cut, watching coworkers and friends pack their belongings is heart wrenching. Just hearing about it gives me flashbacks.

When it comes to saving money, companies do not care how much blood, sweat or tears an employee gave to their position. It is all about the bottom line and if your position isn’t contributing or there is overlap, then off you go! While I do not disagree with this business¬†philosophy, I just don’t understand why companies let it get to a crisis situation and then start slaughtering. Why not be more selective when creating new departments and analyze whether or not headcount is necessary. A few years ago, my previous company was gearing up to quadruple profit margins and went on a hiring spree. Needless to say, all those that were hired are now jobless.

Also, I have to wonder if upper management understands how these slow phased layoffs disrupt morale? No one can concentrate when people are being plucked away left and right! Also, being told you are safe is only worth so much, everyone knows that is only valid on that specific day (tomorrow is another day of worry)!

If you have experienced a job loss, my heart goes out to you! Try not to take it personally, sometimes you are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I know that doesn’t help when you have to provide for your family, but you cannot beat yourself up over something that is out of your control. Stay positive and start networking! Your next opportunity is out there, it just may take a little time to find it.

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