Naming a baby is one of the most difficult tasks ever since it will be with a person forever. My birth name is not my current name and I didn’t go through the legal process to have it changed. On my birthday, my mom didn’t have a name picked out so my aunt came up with one that combined my two grandmothers’ names (and my mother with her medicated mind agreed to it). The name was Laura May and thank God my dad put his foot down. Long story short, my incorrect name was printed in the local newspaper, but my birth certificate was edited to Jessica Nicole before my parents signed it.

Sorry for the long introduction, but it actually supports the point I am trying to make. Naming a baby is the responsibility of parents and others should keep their opinions to themselves. I still cannot believe the responses I received after mentioning names that were in the running for my son. Some people actually gave me a list of new names to consider, what is up with that? Others didn’t have to verbally respond, their facial expressions showed their true feelings. One person actually came to me and said God spoke to her and said “the baby shall be called Joseph”. I told her that perhaps she was destined to have another baby because my son would be named Cameron.

BabyNames_NameTagSeveral of my friends kept their baby names locked away until their little one made his or her appearance. I thought this was a silly practice until I was pregnant. These secretive parents are actually geniuses because they didn’t have to listen to any feedback or second guess their choice.

Did you share your baby’s name prior to birth or did you keep it a secret? Did you have a name picked out and then change your mind because of someone’s response? I look forward to reading your comments!

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