Orlando is not the happiest place on Earth tonight, instead the locals are all hanging their heads. While we are proud of our talented Orlando Magic team for earning the Eastern Conference title, we are heart broken about the missed opportunity to bring home the championship trophy.

I’m not going to make excuses why we couldn’t seal the deal. It is very unfortunate because this is the most talented team Orlando has ever seen! Some will point fingers and say it was because of missed free throws or whatever, but come on…there were 5 games played and we only won 1 (although, we should have won 3 of those).

Kobe Bryant was determined tonight, I understand why people say he is the best player on the planet. He performs at a level that many NBA players cannot compete with. I am NOT a Bryant fan, but I will give credit where credit is due.

Orlando has a very bright future, there are so many talented individuals on the payroll. Let’s just pray management doesn’t screw with the line-up (we NEED and WANT Hedo Turkoglu)!

Dwight Howard, keep your chin up! You have a bright future and will earn MANY rings! You are the man! I only hope you take this loss and promise to never feel this emptiness again! I pray this keeps you up at nights so you will come back next year bigger and stronger! You are already a beast and with time, you will be unstoppable.

I am going to pour another glass of wine and watch the trophy presentation. We’ll get it next year…I believe in Magic!

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