Best BuyThis is a follow-up to my recent blog about using 65 Best Buy gift cards to purchase a new Mac Book Pro. Turns out, Apple released a new Mac Book Pro the very next day which was more powerful than the one we had purchased and it was $300 cheaper! Today, my husband and I returned to Best Buy to make the exchange.

The gentlemen who helped us cracked up when he saw how long our receipt was. He called over his budies and said, “look at this receipt, they used 65 gift cards to purchase a Mac Book Pro”. It was pretty hysterical when his coworker stood beside the receipt and it was taller than she was! Best Buy was terrific about the exchange, it was quick and painless.

In the end, we were the ones with the last laugh since our awesome laptop only cost us $50! The embarrassing experience was worthwhile (even my husband agrees).

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