Creative Ways To Recycle Magazines

I have a difficult time just tossing magazines in my recycle bin, so I started brainstorming recycling options. My son’s favorite activity is “playing magazines”. He will sit on the floor and shred them for hours (junk mail too). In addition to letting your toddler play with them (supervised of course), below are some other creative ways to be green with magazines.

  1. Share with friends and family. Once you have finished reading, pass along to your buddies who have similar interests. 
  2. Drop them off at waiting rooms. Doctor and dentist offices, nursing homes, salons, laundromats and fitness centers are a few places that come to mind. Always call ahead to verify they are accepted and make sure the content is appropriate.
  3. Donate to a charity. If you are in Orlando, the Hubbard House will graciously accept your magazines. The Hubbard House is a “Hospitality Home for families of critical care patients at an Orlando Health facility”. Find out which of your local charities will accept your magazines (animal shelters may be able to use in the bottom of small cages, Salvation Army, Goodwill or women’s shelters, etc.).
  4. Shred and use as packing filler. Why spend money on box filler when you can make your own at home? This is an inexpensive and easy way to pack your merchandise sold on eBay!
  5. Use for craft projects. Kids will have a blast clipping out pictures and making masterpieces! If you do not have children, you could contact a local elementary school or daycare facility to see if they can use them.
  6. Use as wrapping paper for small gifts. This is a unique way to add personality to a birthday or holiday present. Use magazine pages that relate to the object inside the box. 

If you do not have time for the above, kindly just place them in a recycle bin. discusses a ReMix campaign that encourages New Yorkers to recycle their magazines. The campaign was started as a result of a study which found “only 17 percent of sold magazines are recycled”. Regardless of where you are located, why not take note of this startling number and do something about it?

How do you recycle your magazines? Do you have any additional creative ideas?

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