Teething On a Designer Crib

My husband and I became ecstatic when we found crib railing protector at BabiesRUs. This seemed perfect for protecting my son’s classic Oeuf crib. Our smiles quickly turned upside down when we realized our son was pulling off the plastic protectors and still chewing on the railing. Now, the beautiful crib has several noticeable bite marks on the top and inside areas thanks to our little rodent! I am thankful we purchased a crib that is environmentally friendly and has a non-toxic white water-based finish so he is not ingesting harmful chemicals! Thankfully, Oeuf sells inexpensive paint kits so we can touch up the crib.

Please learn from our mistake, do NOT purchase Prince Lionheart Crib Rail Teether! Despite what the product claims, it is a complete waste of money! Also, babies chew on EVERYTHING so make sure toys and cribs are made of non-toxic materials.

Have you found a product that protects railings and is safe for baby? If you have experience with chew marks, how have you fixed them? I look forward to reading your comments.

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