Wrinkle Free Sheets

D Sharon Pruitt is the original owner of this photoIs there a secret to getting sheets crisp and wrinkle free? I have been stumped for years and have tried every trick, but nothing seems to work. My dryer even has a de-wrinkle setting but guess what, my sheets are still filled with wrinkles and creases. I do not let them sit in the dryer either, I take them out immediately when the dryer shuts off.

I have even gone as far as ironing my sheets, but that is a total pain and takes entirely too much time! There has to be a product out there that will make my life easier! I have noticed there are “wrinkle free” sheets available online for purchase, but are they really wrinkle free? Also, is the fabric soft or rough? I would prefer to purchase my sheets at a store where I can touch and feel them.

Perhaps I should become a product tester! If you have any recommendations or suggestions, please leave me a comment!

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5 Thoughts to “Wrinkle Free Sheets”

  1. Briana

    I’m sorry, I have to laugh! Who has time to worry about wrinkled sheets? They’re under the quilt anyway and all we do is sleep on them. I’m just glad when I make it out of the house without wrinkled clothes on!

  2. Well, in Florida we don’t use quilts so my sheets actually show. Perhaps I’m a bit anal, but I cannot stand looking at the wrinkles.

  3. i make sure I don’t over-stuff the drier – if they can’t move around properly, they’ll come out wrinkled …

    I also take them out, about half way through, give them a good shake, and then stick them back in.

    Also, don’t let them sit after they’re dry – take them out of the drier asap, and give them a good shake, so they’re nice and smooth!

    Hope this helps a bit!

  4. Hannah

    Dry them on a line (it’s green too).

    Don’t buy 100% cotton

    Try bamboo

    Have a partner help you fold and really stretch them out

    Mine dont’ have wrinkles once I stretch them over the mattress and smooth

    Learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet!

  5. Michele

    It must be the type of fabric. I have different types of sheets. I notice the percale ones are always smooth. The cotton ones wrinkle all the time, especially the Egyptian cotton which I love down here in the winter. Why not use a light weight comforter or quilt if this bothers you?

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