No Shoes, No Service!

Itty Bitty Baby FeetI just heard the most absurd story about a family denied the right to eat inside of a Burger King restaurant in Sunset Hills, Missouri because their 6 month old baby wasn’t wearing shoes! The manager threatened to call the police because the baby was breaking the No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service rule. The family was told they could order take out, but they were not welcome to dine in.

Everyone knows there is nothing more precious than baby feet! For goodness sakes, it is not like this little baby had been walking around and her feet were dirty (most likely, she doesn’t even crawl at 6 months). The family was willing to put socks on the baby’s feet but the manager would not allow it. He threatened to call the police when the family still tried to dine in the restaurant.

I attempted to play the devil’s advocate in this situation, but I just cannot support this idiotic manager and his decision to turn away this family for health concerns! The manager obviously does not have children or hasn’t been around babies! It is difficult to keep socks on a baby, let alone shoes!

How would you react if someone denied your family service because your baby wasn’t wearing shoes? In the end, the owner of this particular Burger King disagreed with the manager’s decision and is requiring the manager to issue an apology.

Click here to watch the CNN report and video. Thanks for visiting The Unemployed Mom!

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