Tips To Limit Or Reduce Exposure To Plastic

When it comes to convenience, accessibility, and affordability, few materials beat plastic. It’s everywhere and has such a wide range of uses, especially in the kitchen.

But plastic isn’t without its negative side. There are loads of chemicals that go into the making of plastic, and those chemicals don’t always stay where they are supposed to. Some leach out, and they may leach into our bodies, affecting brain, behavior, and glands in both children and adults.

So if there’s no escaping plastic and no stopping the leaching of harmful materials, what can we do? Well, for starters you can try to limit or reduce your exposure to plastic, and you can do that most easily in the kitchen. Think about your daily routine, for starters: How do you prepare food? On a plastic cutting board? Then go for a wooden option instead. Do you use plastic storage containers? Loads of different non-plastic types exist. This graphic has more ideas to help.


* A special thanks to Quill for sharing this important information! Make some easy changes and prevent your exposure to plastic! 

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