Grab A Free Starter Plant And Winter Park Honey Samples At Green Umbrella

Grab A Free Starter Plant And Winter Park Honey Samples At Green Umbrella

I like to “think” I have a green thumb, but truth be told, I have not been able to grow tomatoes in Florida. Despite many unsuccessful attempts, I still find myself planting seedlings each year with similar disappointing results… too much sun exposure. I have even tried container gardening with hopes of relocating my plants during the day to avoid over exposure, but that still has not proven to be successful.

Recently, I learned about a sustainable living showroom in Winter Park called Green Umbrella. They offer a free starter plant, seed or clipping of an edible plant every week. All you have to do is stop by, their address is 1280 Palmetto Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789. While there, learn what exciting things CAN be grown in our 9b climate. There are cool and exotic things that will grow here, and there is usually a substitute plant that tastes similar or attracts the same pollinators that Green Umbrella will advise on.

Also, enjoy samples of Winter Park Honey, there are over 20 varieties!

Bring the family, right across the street, Create Your Nature has outdoor games you can play. Bear and Peacock has outdoor jenga and a grassy nole area where you can relax and unwind.

Make sure to follow Green Umbrella on Twitter! When you visit, tell them The Unemployed Mom sent you!


The Green Umbrella is unique green and sustainable living showroom located at 1280 Palmetto Avenue, Winter Park, FL 32789. The company philosophy is based off of the 7 layers of permaculture, and the showroom includes solutions not offered in big box DIY stores. Experience their 7 layers of permaculture patio surrounded by edible landscaping, animal habitats, and free wi-fi. Stay tuned to their website for demonstration workshops and other events.

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