SeaWorld Orlando Rehabilitates And Returns Florida Sandhill Crane

SeaWorld Orlando Returns Florida Sandhill Crane Following Two Weeks of Care and Rehabilitation

This morning, a Florida sandhill crane was successfully returned to its natural habitat in Kissimmee, Florida, by SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team.


 The sandhill crane was rescued two weeks ago by SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team and transported to SeaWorld for care and rehabilitation. The bird was spotted by a concerned citizen having trouble standing and walking. SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team discovered that the crane had deep lacerations in its foot due to string that was wrapped tightly around its right foot. Upon arrival at SeaWorld Orlando, animal care experts took the bird directly into surgery to remove the string and evaluate the injury.  This was a success, and the bird was able to make a quick recovery, and was medically cleared by SeaWorld’s veterinarian staff for today’s return.

This year alone, our Aviculture team has rescued 65 sandhill cranes, and a total of 365 birds, the most of any rescued bird at SeaWorld Orlando.

You can help protect these amazing birds by remembering to never feed them, and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same. If you see an injured bird you can help by contacting the SeaWorld Bird Hot Line at 407-351-3600 and selecting #4.

In collaboration with the government and other members of accredited stranding networks, SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment operates one of the world’s most respected programs to rescue ill and injured animals, with the goal to rehabilitate and return them to their natural environment. SeaWorld animal experts have helped more than 23,000 animals in need – ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned – for more than 40 years.

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