Disney Frozen Attraction Coming To The Norway Pavilion In Epcot

If you’re a Frozen fan, then you’ll be excited to hear that a new attraction will be coming to the Epcot Norway Pavilion in early 2016. This new ride will take guests through the fictional landscape of Arendelle and into scenes and songs from the movie. You can expect music, light, and animatronics. Afterwards, there will be a greeting location so Frozen fans can meet Anna and Elsa.

I know your’e probably wondering, where will this new attraction be built since the Norway Pavilion is not so big?

Well, if you’re a classic Maelstrom fan, it is time to “let it go“. The Norwegian boat ride Maelstrom opened in 1988, it is a ride through the perils of the North Sea in a 10th-century-style warrior’s longship complete with trolls.

Maelstrom will be closing on October 5, 2014, so you still have a few weeks to ride in a viking ship before it’s too late.

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