Third Times A Charm For Baby Tooth Keepsake

Third Times A Charm For Baby Tooth Keepsake

A few months ago, my son lost his first tooth. Sadly though, it came out when he bit into a strawberry and he swallowed it. The Tooth Fairy visited anyway and left him $1 which made him very happy!


Last night at EPCOT, he lost his second tooth. It literally fell out of his mouth right after Illuminations (fireworks). It was a BIG DEAL since he caught the tooth AND because it happened at Walt Disney World. People around started cheering and clapping which made him feel very special.


For safekeeping, I held the tooth as we walked to our car. As soon as he was strapped into his seatbelt he begged to see it.

Then…he dropped it. Words cannot explain how upset my child was. He was so proud and wanted to keep that tooth forever.

I was on my hands and knees with a flashlight looking for his tooth in the dark parking lot. Sadly, I did not find it. I am hoping it is somewhere in my car and plan on searching this morning.

Regardless, that tooth was magical so the Tooth Fairy left him $10.

Third times a charm, right? I can only hope! I’d like to have a baby tooth keepsake.

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