Earth Day Adventures 2014

Earth Day Adventures 2014

My son and I just returned from our Earth Day adventures! We started our morning by visiting a local lake and picking up trash. Personally, I was amazed at the amount of plastic cups, beer bottles and junk we found (the lake is private and only locals use it). Hey neighbors, stop being so lazy and dispose of your trash properly!


We continued our trash clean-up efforts and headed towards Mead Botanical Gardens. We decided to walk through the property and came face to face with a cotton mouth. Honestly, I didn’t get close enough to verify, but the fact he was enjoying the water makes me very suspicious. Plus, I know how mean they are AND how high they can jump, so we got out of there QUICKLY!


Afterwards, we visited a local playground before making our way back home.

Our Earth Day adventures took us on a 4 1/2 mile journey and we collected 2 1/2 bags of trash. Not only did we help our planet, but we also had the opportunity to get out and appreciate nature!

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