Keep Your Devices Powered And #StayConnected With POWEROCKS Magicstick

I cover a lot of local media events which means live tweeting and taking/uploading photos to social media sites. Obviously, those actions drain my smartphone. There is nothing more frustrating than having my battery die in the middle of an event.

Well, those worries are over thanks to my new POWEROCKS MagicstickThis little device has changed my life! It’s a portable charger that is so tiny it can easily fit inside a pocket or purse! No more losing battery power and being unable to do my job. Instead, POWEROCKS gives me two full charges so I can stay connected.

Not only does it work for phones, but basically anything that uses a USB device (iPads, cameras, mp3 players, game systems, GPS devices, etc.).

POWEROCKSHere are the specifics (you can read more here).


  • fashionable design with colorful choices
  • 2800mAh with small dimension
  • High compatibility with universal micro USB charging port


  • capacity: 2800mAh
  • input: 5V/0.55A
  • output: 5V/1A
  • dimension: 21.7 (diameter) *86mm( height)
  • weight: 80g
  1. Charges standard smartphone and other digital devices such as Bluetooth headsets, cameras, GPS, e-readers, and more
  2. 2800mAh battery capacity provides up to 2 full charges before needing recharging
  3. Lightweight & Powerful: Perfect for work, vacation, and every day on-the-go
  4. Engineered with smart chip technology to prevent damage or over charging
  5. Aluminum housing for durability & safety
  6. Fun color assortment for personal style expression
  7. Charges as fast as a standard wall charger in an electrical outlet
  8. Check power status with a push of button
  9. Easy and intuitive use
  10. Included carrying pouch

Overall, I give this product two thumbs up because it has changed my life! I am always on the go and love the fact it charges my iPhone quickly, it is lightweight and keeps me connected!

Also, this is a perfect gift for any gadget lover in your life! You can purchase your Magicstick here.

Disclosure: I received a POWEROCKS Magicstick for review, all opinions are my own.

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