Your Child Can Travel The World With Little Passports

Recently, I posted about Little Passports and how your children can learn more about the 2014 Winter Olympics (click here for a reminder). After receiving a media sample, I can honestly tell you this IS an amazing way for your children to learn more about other countries and cultures!

My son received his Little Passports package and wasted NO TIME opening it! He discovered his destination was Egypt and became ecstatic. For 2 hours (not joking), we worked together discovering Egypt, using his boarding pass to learn more at, decoding hieroglyphics, reviewing a world map, and digging a pyramid! We both had a blast! Best part of all, he can put everything back into his Little Passports suitcase for storage.


What is Little Passports? A monthly subscription service that allows your children to explore the world and discover the wonders of other cultures and countries! Monthly packages arrive filled with souvenirs, stickers, letters, photos and more! You can opt for US or International (we opted for International).

To learn more about the subscription packages and how it works, you can click here. You can choose month-to-month or a set number of months up-front. All I know is my son is eager to find out where Sam and Sofia will take him in March.

As a homeschool mom, I whole-heartedly believe Little Passports is a fun and memorable way for children to gain a better understanding of our global world. While my son enjoyed the fun activities, he also learned more about geography, history, culture and language. Little Passports receives 2 thumbs up from my family!

Disclosure: I received a media sample but all thoughts are my own. My son is a huge Little Passports fan and cannot wait to see where his next adventure will be.



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