My Fresh New Look For Spring

My Fresh New Look For Spring

Ever get that feeling where you just need an update? That’s how I was feeling about my hair. I have a LOT of hair, it is thick and wavy. I have to fight to get it straight and the humidity makes it super frizzy. I resort to a pony tail way too often.

I knew I wanted to go shorter, so I hit Pintrest for inspiration (of course). I was drawn to these styles (not color). I thought bangs would be too drastic, plus I still needed to run without my hair sticking to my face.

Screen Shot 2013-04-09 at 5.12.49 PM

I woke up thinking “today is the day” and pulled into Fusion Hair Designs located beside one of my favorite bake shops less. I had a consultation with Juan (omg I love him) and shared my Pinterest board. He thought an inverted bob would work nicely with my face shape and lifestyle (so I can still pull it back when I run). He also said if I wake up¬†tomorrow¬†and want layers cut into it or side swept bangs, to come in for a complimentary visit.

So, this is what my hair has looked like for a very long time …


Here is my fresh new look for Spring! Thank you Juan, you are awesome! I even scheduled an appointment with him in 7 weeks for a trim (for those who know me, you KNOW I usually only get cuts 2x per year)!

Spring2013CutSo, if you’re looking for a fabulous stylist that listens and does amazing work, go see Juan! Tell him I sent you!


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