Wordless Wednesday: #Medifast Buddies

Meeting people online can sometimes be strange. You think you know someone by their blog, then meet them and realize they are not what you expected. I am SO THANKFUL that is not the case with my local blogging friend, Stephanie. We met a few years ago and have had a constant friendship. Our sons are almost the same age with similar likes, so it makes getting together fun for ALL OF US!

She is also my inspiration when it comes to running and Medifast! Perhaps a little goofy in the running arena (not all of us can run a 1/2 marathon one day then complete a full marathon the very next day), but when this girl says she’s going to do something, she gets it done! Nothing stands in her way.

We never miss a photo opportunity, here we are recently enjoying a weekend at Gaylord Palms. We need to get together in person more often, because the laughs never stop (plus it’s fun comparing previous photos and seeing physical changes).

We all need at least one amazing friend to push us, inspire us and truly be there through all of the up’s and down’s in life. ¬†Stephanie IS that friend! I honestly think the world of her and am so thankful for her friendship!

Also, Stephanie and I are both living testaments for Medifast! We are both enjoying a much healthier and thinner lifestyle as a result of our Medifast journeys. Stephanie began Medifast in 2011 and introduced the program to me! She was my biggest cheerleader throughout my journey last year and her experience, advice and coaching truly helped me exceed my goals (weight loss and running my first half marathon)!

Hop over to The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man and show Stephanie some much deserved love!

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