How To Navigate The Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight

How To Navigate The Holiday Season Without Gaining Weight

I worked hard this past year to lose weight and I am NOT going to let the holidays put a damper on my success (for a reminder of my journey, click here).

Here are 10 tips on how you can navigate the holiday season without gaining weight!

  1. Keep your health a priority during the holidays. Do not give into temptations or over-indulge. Remember, nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels! Sure, have a small portion, but don’t over do it. And if you do, don’t beat yourself up…start fresh the next day.
  2. Get your family involved. Take evening walks together to relieve stress and burn off calories.
  3. Try new, healthy recipes. Don’t eat the same foods over and over again, be creative. Use fresh herbs and vegetables for flavor and color.
  4. Always have healthy snacks at your fingertips (in your purse or briefcase) in case you have a sudden hunger attack. This will help you avoid fast food temptations while shopping.
  5. Despite how crazy the holidays are, make time for exercise every single day.
  6. Stay hydrated, drink adequate water throughout the day.
  7. Find a supportive friend. Being healthy is easier when you have a strong support system.
  8. Challenge yourself! Set mini goals and reward yourself as you cross those items off your list!
  9. Sign up for a holiday run to keep you on track. Many cities have Half Marathons as well as 5k holiday races (including children’s races so the entire family can participate). In addition to staying fit, proceeds from races such as the Jingle Bell Run in Baldwin Park supports a local charity (Arthritis Foundation)!
  10. Lastly, do NOT wait until January 1 to start a new health journey or weight loss program, start NOW. Sow your seeds of success now! You will have more energy, reduce holiday stress and feel so much better.
The photo comparison below was taken 1 year apart (November 2011 on left and November 2012 on right).

I was able to save this green sweater from my “I will never wear again pile”, it was from 8 years ago! The photo was taken 2 weeks ago!

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