ebay Tip: Know The Rules And Do Your Own Work

This morning I had an ebay message from a seller asking if he/she could use my photos to list their identical item. First of all, this is against ebay rules and it rubbed me the wrong way. You see, taking photos is part of an ebay seller’s job. You invest the time to take good photos showcasing your merchandise. Regardless if someone tries to flatter you by commenting on how lovely your pictures are, they are attempting to cut corners and make their life easier by using your work. Bottom line!

I responded no and shared the link to ebay’s imageĀ rules. Granted, the other seller asked before stealing my photos but I guess I’m just shocked that people think that is OK.

Here’s the response I received.

“Ok no problem. I have no need for nor intend to read ebay’s rules on the subject. I asked and you said no. Thats that. I dont need a homework assignment hahaha LoL!

I let people use my pictures all the time because really, what do I care and how in the world could helping someone else possibly harm me? It wouldn’t, never has, and never will.

But that’s me. And obviously not you.”

If you sell on ebay, know the rules and do your own work! Be creative with your descriptions, titles and photos and NOT a copy cat!

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