So Much More Than A Dog

So Much More Than A Dog

Unconditional love, loyalty and companionship…those are the words that define my late golden retriever. For anyone who has had a dog, you know he or she is family. I had the honor of being Bailey’s mom for 13 years, we had a very special bond.

She had health issues and we often referred to her as the “come back kid”. Just when we would start losing hope, our wonderful vet helped maintain her quality of life. But recently, her eyes told a different story. Her fight was over and it was painful to watch.

After speaking with our vet yesterday, I ultimately knew it was time to say goodbye.

Driving to the office was painful, I knew it would be the last time she rode shot gun. She hung her head low, as if she knew what was happening. Tears flowed as I patted her head. I took the long route and missed the road twice, on purpose…questioning whether I was doing the right thing. Then she looked up at me with those pitiful eyes telling me it was time.

I stayed for the procedure and held her face in my hands. I gently stroked her nose and kept saying “I love you girl”. She was so at peace as she took her final breath, closed her little eyes and drifted off. Immediately, a sense of calmness came over me! Although a piece of my heart was missing, I knew my angel was no longer suffering. The vet gave me a moment with her which I’ll remember forever. I kissed her snout and thanked her for being the best dog ever! I learned so many valuable lessons from Bailey girl, she will live in my heart forever!

We are taking it day by day. So many reminders everywhere (not that we want to forget her, we just want the heart ache to stop). Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers, they are appreciated!

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