Sunday Shape-Up Report With Medifast Week 5

Another week in the books and I remained 100% committed to the Medifast program. I even visited a bake shop and walked out with only 2 cupcakes – for my son and husband! I thought that would be tough, but it wasn’t. I watched them devour their cupcakes as I enjoyed a S’mores Crunch Bar (one of my favorites)! Then, we visited Epcot this weekend and I enjoyed walking around the park without sampling food and wine in all the countries. I am impressed with my will power, I am so focused on hitting my ULTIMATE weight loss goal (which is losing 16 more pounds)!

I have enjoyed trying new recipes for my lean and green meals. I have fallen in love with some new dishes thanks to Sandy’s Kitchen (you MUST check out her Medifast recipes). Even my family enjoys the food I have been making!

I also logged approximately 27 miles of walking/jogging this week. I am thankful to feel well enough to workout again! In addition, I added free weights and playing sports. With all the sweating, I also increased my water intake. My appetite was definitely insane, I found myself counting down the minutes until I could eat my next Medifast meal. After a quick chat with my dietician, I started eating 2-3 oz of protein before working out. This has been making a huge difference, I am not feeling sluggish or hungry.

Unfortunately, the scale didn’t budge this week. But, on a positive note…I didn’t gain either! I am still losing inches, so that is a huge positive! I am hoping I haven’t hit a plateau already, but if I have…it just means I have to work harder and change up my routine. I am already in a healthy BMI, so I’m sure the additional weight loss will be tougher.

Week 1: -5 lbs

Week 2: -5 lbs

Week 3: -5 lbs

Week 4: -4 lbs

Week 5: -0 lbs

Total weight loss to date since January 1, 2012: 19 lbs

***What is Medifast? Perhaps I answered your questions here. If not, shoot me a message! I would love to share my Medifast experience with you!  If YOU are ready to shed extra pounds QUICKLY and easily, then this plan is for you! It is simple to follow, the food tastes good and it fits all lifestyles. Also, once you achieve your weight loss goal, Medifast has a maintenance program to help you keep the weight off forever. No more yo-yo dieting!***

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Disclosure: I receive free product in order to evaluate and comment on my experiences on the MedifastProgram. Medifast products and the Medifast Program are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. Any medical improvements noted while on the program are related to weight loss in general, and not to Medifast products or programs. 

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