Get Ready For The NEW eBay Shopping Cart

There was excitement at eBay On Location in Orlando about the new and improved “eBay Shopping Cart” and how it was going to be implemented prior to the holidays. I just saw the official announcement, the new shopping cart will be┬árolled out to most buyers in early November.

What does that mean exactly? Shoppers now have the ability to place multiple items into their shopping cart from DIFFERENT sellers and only check out in one transaction! This feature can be used to pay for auction style AND fixed priced “buy it now” auctions.

As a seller, eBay suggests the following “best practices” to prepare your items for the new shopping cart.

  • Specify shipping for key export countries.
  • Indicate “Immediate Pay Required” on all fixed price listing to avoid unpaid items.
  • Offer free shipping whenever possible.
  • Specify your combined shipping rules in My eBay and not just in the item description text.
  • Package multiple orders for the same buyer together, in one package whenever possible.There shouldn’t be any worries about a seller’s item being removed from their inventory because the item will remain available for sale to other potential buyers UNTIL payment is received.

To view eBay’s shopping cart best practices and FAQ, click here.


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