eBay On Location 2011 Recap

Over the past couple of days, I have been attending eBay On Location 2011. Luckily, it was held in Orlando, Florida so I was able to wake up in my own bed and drive to/from the conference and still have the luxury of seeing my family.

I’m not going to lie, I felt extremely nervous walking into a conference room filled with 1,000 attendees and sitting down to eat with complete strangers at the Seller Celebration Dinner, but once I started talking to the people at my table it was clear we had A LOT in common. Just take a look at my new eBay peeps!

To say I walked away inspired is an understatement. I have met some amazing sellers and new friends! It was wonderful to talk to people who live and breathe eBay just like me!

There is no “typical look” for an eBay seller, the room was filled with sellers of all ages, experience levels and diverse personalities, but we all shared one thing in common – PASSION for what we do! 65% of attendees were from Florida! Also, in the past 5 years, Florida eBay sellers have generated $15 million dollars in revenue. WOW!

I thought I knew a lot about selling on eBay, but I learned new best practices and techniques I plan on applying immediately (my to-do list is a page long)! Don’t worry, I will be sharing TONS of new tips on my blog to help you become a better seller, also.

Stay tuned for eBay tips…oh, and don’t forget your eBay titles can now have up to 80 characters! Update your titles with relevant words to describe your merchandise BUT avoid fillers such as NWT, NIB, NWOT, L@@K, WOW, etc. Using those fillers can actually hurt your listing when it comes to SEO (search engine optimization).

Now, it’s time to list some new merchandise and play with my new iPad2 that I won! Seriously, I am still in shock my name was called (5/1000 attendees received a brand spanking new gadget). I feel so blessed!

Here are a few more photos from the event (click to enlarge)! Enjoy.




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