Changes To My Personal Facebook Page

I made a decision recently regarding my personal Facebook account that I hope does not offend anyone. That decision was to strictly make my account a place where I share information with family members only. I have other social avenues that I use to interact with friends and acquaintances, and in all honesty, use those accounts more frequently anyway. With that said, I did a lot of editing to my friend list and I do not want anyone removed to take this decision personally.

I hate the term “unfriend” because that is/was not my intent whatsoever, I want to stay in touch with my friends, but it seems like every time I turn around, Facebook is making updates that change all my security settings. I have been spending way too much time attempting to lock down certain aspects of my account and then seeing all that work erased once Facebook makes a new change.

Since I have met a lot of fabulous people along my journey and I’m sure I’ll meet more along the way, I hope you all stay in contact with me. In addition to my blog and email, here are the social avenues in which I can be followed/reached:

The Unemployed Mom Facebook Fan Page


Linked In

Out of all those accounts, twitter is the one I use the most.

I hope to stay in touch and see you online!


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