Naming Advice For New Moms

Fellow blogger and friend The Suburban Mom is expecting her second little princess. She asked for Mom Blogging advice and I completely missed her submission deadline (I have been preparing my eBay store for the upcoming holiday season and slacked).

In the past, I have shared that naming a baby is difficult but here is something all parents-to-be should consider when tossing around names. Keep in mind, I have a boy (and a very busy one at that) so I am thankful I tested this theory before naming him.

When deciding on your child’s name, practice saying it firmly and even consider yelling it. While this may seem silly, it will come in handy if you need to send out a warning shot. This has worked well for us, my son knows my tone and can sense the firmness in my voice when I am serious.  He knows he is potentially crossing a line and his behavior needs to change or there will be consequences.

We had two names on our list. The first one (which is what my son is named) works perfectly and I could almost make a growling sound when saying it. Option number two just didn’t work, no matter how much force I used, it still ended up sounding wimpy.

I used this theory at a recent play date with other mom bloggers. The host’s little boys came downstairs to say my son wasn’t sharing toys and all it took was me saying his name forcefully once, and his behavior changed. At that moment, I realized this advice needed to be shared with all soon to be moms!

I do not like to think about my son growing up, but I am sure this will come in handy when he is a teenager.


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