An Offer To Buy My Kid?

We took our son to the Premium outlets yesterday to buy him a pair of New Balance shoes (aka N shoes). While we were browsing the kid section, one of the workers came over to us. He kept commenting on how our son was going to be a heart breaker and that we should never cut his hair. Then, my kid looked up at him and smiled. The male worker almost knocked over a stack of shoe boxes. He said, “OMG and he has the most beautiful blue eyes, too. Can I buy him from you.”

I don’t know whether the guy was just trying to be nice to us or if he was some sort of creep, but it totally freaked me out. I mean, to say the kid is going to be a heart breaker was one thing, but to ask if we’d sell him? Why in the world would he even joke about something like that, especially in this day and age?

We purchased our shoes and quickly moved on, but our eyes never left the sales person. I discounted it all as if the young man was just trying to be personable and didn’t really know when to shut up. He was very friendly and helpful and didn’t seem to lurk or act inappropriate…but it still was a very odd comment to make.

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